Dreidel game instructions

Feel free to copy the rules below for your personal use.... Don

A Dreidel is a 4 sided top used to play a traditional game at Hanukkah. Any number of players can play with each putting 1 item into a kitty to start the game. (Pennies, peanuts, candy, raisins, etc. can be used - Everyone starts with an equal number of pieces.)  Players take turns spinning the dreidel, and doing whatever the rules say for the letter that is up when the dreidel falls over.  The rules vary a bit, but it is always fun.  One alternative possibility is to assign a score to each letter, and play to an agreed upon total.

Nun - Player does nothing this turn

Gimmel - Player takes all this turn

Hay - Player takes half this turn

Shin - Players adds one to kitty this turn

The letters on the dreidel stand for the Hebrew words Nes Gadol Hayah Shom .... " a great miracle happened there".  The dreidel reminds us of the few drops of oil that miraculously burned for eight days and nights after the Holy Temple was recaptured in 165 B.C.E.